metro – or no metro








Staying in Bangalore has costed me a bomb expense.

Normal day to day life expenses are huge and its huge for non Kannadiga.

If you dont know Kannada prepared to be cheated / over charged for everything by almost every fruit and veggie vendor, rickshaw drivers, etc.

The only rescue from the hassles are  the malls – reliance, nilgiris, ek retail, hypercity market, spencers, etc.

Alteast you get at a huge high fixed price, i can choose the fruits and no one is over charging.

I came back baroda for knee treatment, and i am loving it.

i have quit job and have taken a sabbatical for healing. Mental and physical healing is of prime importance at this moment.

Baroda is far cheaper in day to expenses.  I brought amla for 10rs per kg, apple at 50 rs per kg, sitalfal at Rs 20. per kg. The amount of fruits will last for a week.

I am in such a relief i can do so many things with practically no income and hardly 20k savings.

Atleast will last for month or two.


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