Over eating and my excuses

We in India have grown up with the believe ” we should finish what we have on plate and its bad manner, sin and insult to food when food is wasted

I put on weight due to
1) over eating going that extra mile to finish what I have on my plate.
2) people serving more on plate – its either the mom or relatives or friends who believe hospitality and love can only be expressed when  they force u to over eat.
3) my unintentional effort to match to m husband’s eating habit
4) television and media only promote food that’s high on calories as a result I end up buying chips,  ice cream,  cream biscuits, Burger, coke, etc.
5) shows like master chief, travel and living, etc. Show how delicious oily food can be. Those lovely cakes creates d urge to buy and eat dough nut and cakes.
6) stress aggravates d urge to eat sweets and ice creams.



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