4 easy steps to make almond hair oil at home

When you make hair oil at home, you are sure what is inside the oil and how it will benefit your hair.

I make hair oil at home by 3 easy steps:
1) buy cooking coconut oil as its pure.
2) take a glass jar to store that oil. Avoid plastic containers as you really dont want minute plastic particles going inside your hair roots. Yes you read it correct – as most oils, shampoo, conditioners, etc. come stored in plastic bottles we directly inject plastic molecules in our hairs. That’s another factor why hair fall doesn’t stop. So store oil in glass bottles to minimize damage to the hair.

3. Add crushed almonds to the oil to make it almond oil.
4. Keep the hair oil jar in your shelf or stand – away from direct sunlight for a week.
5. 8th day almond hair oil is ready for use.
Shake the jar well before use.
Many factors can be attributed to thinning or balding hair. One is genetics. If baldness or receding hairlines runs in your family, chances are you’ll suffer from it too. Another cause could be poor diet, lifestyle, or a simple lack in hair care. To help prevent massive hair fall, or to try and get that thick head of healthy hair, do a simple coconut oil treatment. Just liberally apply coconut oil on your scalp, and try to do this daily. Coconut oil helps in revitalizing and strengthening hair follicles, hence stimulating growth and preventing it from any further breakage. For added benefits, take a tablespoon of coconut oil or a tablet of coconut oil supplement each day.




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