Core Strength & Barefoot start

Core strength often related to flat stomach, sit-ups and crunches in pursuit of “six-pack.” Yet core strength for runners has little to do with 6 packs and everything to do with running economy and injury prevention.


I CAN happily say I am a runner now. From a wheel chair to running barefoot is a long run and it feels great to run. As runners, we love to run. Each day when I struggled to walk – I wanted to run and run my heart out. The feeling of wind through our hair, the rhythmic sound of footsteps and the satisfying completion of a tough interval are what keep us coming back for more every day.












Strength and core exercises are the perfect complement to running. I realized even with two injured knee, I can run and I can run well that’s because I work out every day. I have a disciplined exercise routine and I have a strong core. I still wear my knee braces when I run marathons. I want to run marathons without knee braces. That’s when I started practicing running bare foot. Its works! Running bare foot helps me to balance the upper body over the injured knees. They optimize my running and I can keep going without injuries, and even race faster.Instead of just relying on running to get in shape, I think everyone should be doing regular core workouts to strengthen the core.

Core strength plays a vital role in stabilizing entire body during running by maintaining a neutral pelvis, and delaying the breakdown when fatigued.Image



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