Kajal, search & eyes

I love to apply  Kajal in my eyes as many might know. At the same time  i am very  particular about the kajal i am  using. I have tried  and i keep trying every single kajal that comes out in the market. I have tried/ tested eyetex, lakme, maybelline, himalaya,blue heaven, shilpa, khojati, shahnaz, lotus, biotque, amway, etc. You name it and i have tried it. 

My personal favorite  brand for kajal is Khojati. Its  a 120 year old company based in India and are into manufacturing of kajal. The products are  good and they give a nice cooling effect to eyes. I miss using  surma and kajal of Khojati. Since i dont get Khojati products in Bangalore – I had to try  products available in the market to replace Khojati.


The  blue heaven kajal is good. It cant replace khojati but compared to other brands / products its really good. Take a look – I think it looks decent on me.


 Kajal gives a very soft look to your personality & maintains a great spark in your personality. 


  • Wash your eyes thoroughly before applying Kajal.
  • Dry your eyes and massage with moisturizing cream around your eyes  or can remove extra oil with the help of tissue paper.
  •  never use Kajal of low quality.
  • Place you Kajal in refrigerator or in cool place. It will give a fine look to your eyes.
  • You can also make the Kajal at home. Kajal making is a simple and short process. Thing required to make Kajal are castor oil, lamp (diya), plate and two bowls. Add castor oil in lamp and burn it. Place diya in center of these bowls n the cover it with plate. After 20 minutes remove the plate and scrap the soot from plate with knife and put in a dry jar. Now add 2, 3 drops of ghee to the soot and mix it thoroughly and store it in any small jar or box. Your Kajal is ready to use.

Do try and mail  me your reviews.

If you know where to get khojati kajals in bangalore – kindly pin me/ post on facebook or buy for me.



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