Eat Fruits The Right Way!



We all know the importance of fruits in our life.

Usually when we talk about fruits – the first word that gets associated with fruits is “Healthy” and “Diet”. Doctors, mothers, therapists, dietitians, trainers, etc. everyone talks about the nutrients that fruits provide to our body.
Fruits are the easiest and the fastest solid food that a human body can digest. All types of fruits including heavy fruits like Banana, Musk Melon and Mango take maximum 45 minutes to digest.

So I am not going to preach about the importance of fruits in our lives. I want to speak on something more important and elementary– How to have fruits the right way.

Well, as easy as it sounds, there are a few things to keep in mind while having any fruit:

1) We should eat fruits immediately after cutting open the fruit

Fruits should not be cut and stored. They lose their nutritional value. For e.g. If you open and keep the Oranges – the outer skin of the Orange becomes hard. If you cut and keep Bananas or Apples for long they become brownish in color. The moment the color changes we all should know its losing its nutritional value. Some of my clients have detected acidity if they eat cut & stored fruits after a long time especially in case of Watermelon and Mango.

2) Eat the fruit with its skin whenever possible

Fruits like Apple, Banana, Mango, Pear, Peach, Apricot, etc. which have thin skin can be or rather should be eaten with the skin and wherever possible the seeds too. The skin of the above mentioned fruits have good nutritional value and it’s always advisable to eat the fruit along with its skin.

3) It’s always better to eat a fruit rather than convert it into juice

Some of the nutrients of the fruit are lost when juice is created and stored. For getting nutrition – canned & packed juices are never advisable. It’s a suggestion to parents not to give kids canned/ packed juices available in the market.

4) It’s always good to eat seasonal fruits

Eat Mango, Musk Melon and Watermelon in the summer season. I use Watermelon for weight loss in summer season. It’s a myth that Mangoes or Watermelon lead to weight gain. Fruits are the easiest to digest (takes 45 minutes to digest) and they are a pure source of vitamins and fiber. So don’t hesitate to opt for fruit in your lifestyle.

5) Eat the fruit not its pulp, canned juice or powder

I always prefer eating raw Amla than eating dried Amla or Amla powder. A fresh fruit gives more benefit to the body than its dried form. Eat fresh Dates, Apricots, Cherries, Blue Berries, etc. If it’s not available in the season or in your country – don’t eat it.

6) Eat one fruit at a time

We have a habit of eating mixed bowl of fruits. To get nutrition from a fruit – we need to eat one fruit at a time. Let it digest then eat another fruit after 45 minutes.

Developing a habit of eating fruits is the cheapest and extremely beneficial habit worth creating. A fruit is cheaper than the canned juices in the market. A fresh fruit is cheaper than dry fruits and has more nutritional value. A fresh seasonal fruit is cheaper than imported fruits or out of season fruits. A fresh fruit is cheaper than cosmetics. A fresh fruit is cheaper than the food in a fine dining restaurant.

Eat fruits to create a healthy body.




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