Shao – Oriental Cuisine

Shao is one of 4 restaurants in the 5 Star Park Plaza hotel located at Marathahalli. While Melange offers a fusion of Indian and Western cuisines, Saffron offers a delightful selection of Kebabs and other North Western dishes with The Gadang rounding up Park’s offerings as a watering hole with a DJ.

loved the ambience

Shao prides itself in offering the best of Oriental cuisine to its patrons. As soon as you enter, the décor and the ambiance stand out and create a fairly good representation of an oriental theme. The various masks on the wall, each depicting a different emotion will definitely catch your eye. The décor is not overwhelming as the place is huge and yet feels very cozy.


The menu at Shao was revamped recently and the new menu does its bit to keep Shao on the wish list of many foodies craving Thai/Chinese. For starters, we were served Rice Crackers with an assortment of condiments/sauces and they sure worked up a good appetite. The menu has the pictures of all the items and that definitely helps if you aren’t completely familiar with oriental cuisine. Not only do they help in choosing the dish, they sure make things look desirable.

IMG_9635IMG_9655 (1)

Shao is a Non-Vegetarian’s delight. Lamb, Pork, Prawns, Beef, Chicken, Duck, the variety on offer is sumptuous. They’ve got Lobster too and quite a few dishes as well. Not that Vegetarians aren’t spoilt for choice.


We went for the Rock Corn Tempura, Thai Fried Rice, Asian Green, Sichuan Bean Curd, Honey Chicken and the Shallow Fried Beef. Every dish was cooked very well and was a delight!! The Rock Corn Tempura and the Shallow Fried Beef in particular were outstanding. We were looking forward to end the evening on a great note with some good desserts, however, the limited menu (4 to be exact) let us down. We tried the Date Pan Cake which is accompanied with some freshly prepared vanilla ice cream and though they were delicious, more variety in this department would have been perfect.



Shao (1)

Shao being a part of a luxury hotel is definitely pocket friendly, however, the ambiance, food and service do live up to the expectations from a place like this.

Shout out to for the wonderful pics that capture the essence of the place and the food so well.


Suman Mondal

Food Blogger



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