Rice can help you to built health

Food habits have evolved with our culture and our lifestyle. It’s hard-coded in our DNA; in our very own genetic build. Long before we adopted terms like ‘diet’, ‘weight loss’, and the likes, we’ve always had generations of people who have managed to stay fit and healthy. Just by eating what we’ve always had, be it raw veggies or grilled veal!

In India, whether it is in Northern or Southern parts of the country, rice has been a big part of our food culture. It has always played a vital role in our cuisine, especially in tropical climates.

Unfortunately today, the first thing that someone who wishes to do when getting rid of flab or getting back into shape is: give up rice.

Rice acts as a balancing grain for all body types although in India white rice is considered to have a slight drying quality and can increase heat, which is why it is consumed along with oil, ghee or curry of some kind. Brown rice is more unpolished than white rice, takes longer to cook. The longer it is cooked the more it is neutral and leads to lesser heating up in the body. And that also explains why nutrition science recommends the consumption of brown rice during the colder months and white rice during the summer months.

Read the complete article on  The Alternative : http://www.thealternative.in/lifestyle/rice-guys-finish-last-why-you-shouldnt-be-giving-up-rice-when-you-diet/


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