Food combinations – wrong and right

We at ReviseDiet work on the combination of food for a healthy lifestyle. Its important to know combination of food items that we make/ consume is appropriate or not. There are lot of books available on the food combinations. Do your research for the food you eat. Ayurvedic literatures discusses in detail about various food combination’s and food items if eaten together combine to act like poison in the body. Did you know that  honey and desi ghee when mixed in equal quantities and eaten, acts like poison?

Wrong food combination’s

Milk and curd with banana
Milk or curd with radish
Milk and curd
Honey with hot water or any other hot substance
Honey and radish
Khichdi and Kheer
Milk with musk melon(kharbooza)/watermelon/cucumber/sanke gourd(kakadi)
Bengal gram (Urad) and radish
Curd and blackberry(jamun)
Curd and musk melon(kharbooza)
Curd and paneer
Fruits with vegetables
Radish or curd at night
Curd after heating
Ghee kept in a copper pot for more than 10 or more days
Pulses with sweet potato/potato/kachalu
Musk melon(kharbooza)/watermelon with any other food item
Pulses and rice or pulses and chapati
Milk or curd with chapati
Chapati and tamarind

Right food combination’s

  • Mango and cow’s milk
    Milk and dates
    Rice and coconut
    Guava with fennel seed(saunf)
    Watermelon with radish leaves
    Asparagus(bathua) and curd raita
    Curd and pulses
    Mix vegetable of carrot and methi
    Banana and cardamom(small)
    Curd and amla powder
    Swetsaar with vegetables
    Dry fruits with citrus fruits
    Pulses and vegetables
    Vegetables and rice khichdi
    Fruits and small quantity dry fruits with vegetables
    Chapati with green leafy vegetables
    Sprouts with fresh coconut


  1. The Article Wrong food combination did not explain why certain foods are considered wrong food combo… milk and curd understood.. why some of the others listed as wrong combo?


    1. Dear Drdang, i will come each one of them in future. Its a huge science and explaining will take one article each. Thank you for reading and writing back.


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