Maintain  your vital force to keep yourself healthy

As the old adage goes “prevention is better than cure” rather the best remedy in today’s life style disorders.

We are dwelling in a stressful lifestyle where people are constantly falling sick as his/ her defenses are at a low ebb. The vital force help to maintain physical strength, vigour, ebullience and your verve.A persistent headache and a malfunctioning bowels are indicators of low vital force.

The simple rules to maintain vital force are:

1)Sleep 2) fresh air 3) sunlight and 4 ) food – water

  • Sleep can help you sur ease from a hard working day, anxiety and worries but it also recharges your source of energy for next day. Sleep itself is the best medicine for most of the chronic lifestyle diseases. Infants sleep for 20 to 24 hours while as we grow old we tend to sleep less.An adult needs 8 hours of sleep to feel relaxed and healthy.


  • Sunlight: A human being deprived of sunlight – falls sick frequently. Sunlight gives the green color to the plants and adds red to our blood. Fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw or slightly cooked. A person with vitamin deficiency should walk barefoot on grass early in the morning for healthy balance in the (1)
  • Air: The ozone is the air helps the lungs to cleanse our blood of carbon dioxide. One must keep the living room and the bed room well- ventilated so that fresh air come in to contact with the body all the time. The pores of the skin need it as much as do the lungs. Breathe deeply and take exercise regularly which forces the lungs to take in more air to replenish the blood. Inhale deeply a few minutes before sleep to get a better (2)
  • Food – Water

A regular intake of water early in the morning, before going to bed, one hour before meals and two or three hours after.A cold water bath gives a blood rush to the epidermis – that is why we feel warn a few minutes after a cold plunge.  A hot bath dulls the circulation which explains why you lethargic after it.images (1)The greater the culinary effort, the more palatable the food the lesser is its nutritive value. Cereals should be germinated before eating. The cardinal point to remember is that the longer a food remains in contact with heat, the lesser is its nutritive value.

Our way to life leaves its imprint on our health. Keep the timing in to check. Maintain timing of food and sleep.


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