Bacteria helps in fighting diseases not in causing it

We in Naturopathy doesnt deny the existence of bacteria; they are inhaled from the air and ingested through contaminated food and water. The presence of germs in human body is merely a symptom of disease- not the cause.

Many types of bacteria would be found in a human organism but they dont necessarily give rise to disease. They are present in the atmosphere but everyone doesnt fall sick – the reason , according to traditional medicine is the capacity of the human body to ward off diseases.  3318_BowelBacteria

Bacteria needs a stressed body – filled with anxiety and ill -looked- after body (irregular food timings and disturbed sleep pattern).

Naturopathy believes that bacteria helps in fighting diseases not in causing it. Bacteria are nature’s scavengers – they will infest only that organism thats rotten.

Improve lifestyle by having food at a fixed time and sleep for atleast 8 hours for a good health and immunity.



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