Case Point – Kapal bharti can increases body heat

Patient detail

Name : X

Age: 15 yrs , female

body constitution : Vata – Pitta

temperature : 30’c in day time and 20’c by night, mumbai, february start

height : 5’8

Weight: 80 something kgs.

Blood group : o+

Situation : We usually tend to blame food when something goes wrong. So here is one of those experiences :- Mrs. A ( mom of X) calls me informing that her daughter is either having blisters or having severe cough past two weeks. She was tensed, frightened and clueless of what was happening with X.

I checked the last prescribed schedule and we do follow up once a week where -we discuss every food item that we ate last 6 days.

Somehow i was unable to find any fault in what i had prescribed. Food reacts different in a  body if you are stressed or dehydrated. We Indians are both – stressed and dehydrated as a result – We continuously suffer from gas – acidity and constipation.

I asked her about water intake, sleep, stress, menstrual cycle and food. Still i was unable to find what was wrong.

After discussing diet and  in a random discussion – Mrs. A told me  that her daughter -“X is doing kapal bharti everyday in the morning but its irregular not on daily basis – whenever she gets time”.

I had an explosion in my head and i cant scold Mrs. A as she doesnt know that kapalbharti if not done correctly in X’S body constitution can lead to increase of heat and that can increase the body temperature causing blisters and when not done at all – the body might feel extreme cold.

Observation: kapal bhati ( which can increase heat if done faster and with great force) you will need to balance it with a pranayam like sheetli to cool you down, but the techniques we are teaching do not do that. In summer time if you are live in a very hot place and also have PITTA constitution and if you feel the heat after doing kapal bhati you can do sheetli, but if you don’t have time you could do kapal-bhati at an even slower pace and force. YOU are the BEST judge of your body and please listen to your body and see if you need to adjust your practices. What we suggest is starting with .. Bhastrika then Kapal bhati followed with Anulom vilom- which it self can balance your energy and calm as well as cool you down.

kapalabhati should not be practiced by pregnant or menstruating women. It is also contraindicated for individuals with high or low blood pressure, heart disease, hernia, gastric ulcer, epilepsy, vertigo, migraine headaches, significant nosebleeds, detached retina, glaucoma, history of stroke, and for anyone who has undergone recent abdominal surgery. If you experience vertigo during or after this practice, please discontinue until you can consult with a qualified yoga teacher who has read yoga and anatomy together.

Incase you are into pranayam and regular exercising please incease your water intake. Your water intake will vary from height, age, body constitution and body structure. If you are over 5’8 , you cant sustain your day with 2 litres of water. There is no such thing like if you drink 3+ water a day – you will end up with weak bladder.

P.s – FOOD is just an enhancer and has only 20% role to play in weight increase or disease – there are always other factors which govern the body and mostly its the sleep – water and stress that causes most of the problems.

Learning : always ask the patients if they are doing pranayam activities + timing of the exercises + water intake incase of blisters



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