Own natural health Blue print – Our senses

I spend a lot of time with my patients as i design their diet as per their body type, age, chronic diseases, lifestyle, timing, blood group and habits. Each body is unique and as an individual entity there is no universal solution for health problem.

We all react differently to food, sleep, water and stress. Some sleep too little when stressed while some oversleep incase of stress. We each have unique way of manifesting stress and illness. So thats why we need to adopt individual self- care patterns that bring us closest to our natural state of being happy, healthy and normal.

One of the key things to health is “craving” your craving talks a lot about the deficiencies arising in the body and helps in maintaining a balance over a long term to prevent illnesses from happening in the first place.


Our entire ” eating pattern” has a therapeutic effect as when we eat well, we maximize our life essence – the thing that is responsible for keeping the system functioning at optimum levels everyday.

Low ojas is due to poor digestion – which is the first time of ill health. Indigestion disturbs the health of your constitution at its core and in the gastrointestinal tract.

How will you know – the food suits your body? Burping and gas (flatulence)  – are the basic signs of indigestion. We all feel indigestion differently – gas building in upper digestive tract – burning in the mid- digestive tract or in the lower digestive tract.

Observe your body – see if you like the taste of the food- do you feel good inside the body after eating the food?? Do get good sleep after the food?? Do you feel energetic next morning after the food last night??? are few basic questions we need to observe to build healthy eating pattern.








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