A fruit for slimming

Vrikshamla or kokum is sour sweet in taste and is used for fish curries and Maharashtrian cuisine.

Advantages of kokum:

  1. Kokum is a comprehensive herb that is known to control appetite and helps in digestion as a result prevents deposition of fats. That’s why it’s a herb to reduce obesity.
  2. Kokum is recommended for people of all ages as it is absolutely natural and do not have any side effects.
  3. Kokum can be recommended for people suffering from thyroid disorders, menstrual disorders and metabolic problems.
  4. Kokum has proved to be one of the important herbal remedy for people suffering from gastric ailments.

Who should not drink?  Kalaph prakriti or people already suffering from cold and cough as its sour and can aggravate cough in people.

How to make?

Soak the dry – semi dry kokum for 2 to 3 hours in water and then blend it in blender to create a paste. The Kokum paste should be stored in glass bottle in the refrigerator . The paste stays well for 15 days.Avoid storing in plastic or metal containers.

Directions for consumption?

Kokum can be consumed as a sharbat / cooler drink after food by mixing 1 or 2 spoon of the kokum paste with salt or chaat masala in normal water.

For high cholesterol it can be consumed at 4 or 5 pm instead of tea or coffee. Avoid use of caffeine stimulants when using kokum for reduction of cholesterol.






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