Vitamin Deficiency = Clinical Anxiety

2016 – 80% of our patients are with vitamin deficiencies. It’s difficult to do weight loss or treat other chronic diseases when vitamins in the body are low.

The sun gives life and the sun rays are important for survival of living organisms. Sun energy is something we humans take it for granted. Reduced or No exposure to sunlight can  cause psychological distress as the essential vitamin D that the sun provides  is usually responsible for providing reduces.

Vitamin D and D3 is important part in a person’s mental health, and has been linked to thinks like seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

Clinical Anxiety is not depression and Depression is a strong word used very causally now days by people. The treatment for both the disorders are different and are not the same thing.  If feel you have depression or anxiety, make sure you take my anxiety test to find out more.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has been renamed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) as depression with seasonal pattern.

People will show symptoms like feeling low, revolving in same thoughts and unable to give up anger, irritability, antisocial behavior, insomnia, reduced sex drive, reduced appetite and weight loss or gain. Some of these symptoms, like insomnia, may also contribute to the development of anxiety.

The other reasons that low levels of vitamin D may relate to anxiety can be:  no or low exercise, low intake of yellow or orange vegetables, irregular food timing, etc.


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