Ajwain Seeds : Uses and benefits

Ajwain seeds are used frequently in India as a mouth freshener after meals for better digestion and are used in cooking too. Ajwain seeds can be used as a lifestyle alternative for cure and maintenance for long term chronic issues – however in case of acute emergency conditions it cannot be used/ alternate to medicines. Benefits of carom seeds (ajwain) are better digestion, reduces cold and cough and regulate menstrual cycle.

  1. It helps in treating constipation

How to use: soak 1 sp ajwain in 200 ml normal water for 4 to 5 hours add  lukewarm water to the ajwain soaked water.

Time to drink: last at night before you go to sleep. Make sure you consume the ajwain too – either gulp or eat it.

Who can consume: Kalapha prakruti bodies and combination of kalaph- vata prakruti and kalapha – pitta prakruti bodies can consume it.

Pitta prakruti bodies and combination of pitta – vata should avoid as it might aggravate heat in the body and cause heat boils instead of curing constipation.

2. It helps in Relieving asthma:  concoction or paste of soaked ajwain seeds helps in expelling mucus from the body.

How to use: 1/2 teaspoon of soaked ajwain paste can be consumed with 1/2  teaspoon of liquid jaggery and warm water.Can be consumed regularly in rainy and winter season.

Who can consume: Kalapha and vata prakruti bodies can consume. It’s a complete no no for pitta bodies.

3. Works wonders for tooth pains: In Case of toothaches and bleeding gums it works wonders.

How to use:  mix 1 teaspoon of ajwain oil + 1/2 teaspoon clove oil. Apply / Rub the oil gently  on your teeth and gums with this mixture to cure decaying gums, loose gums, bleeding gums, mouth odor and tooth pains.

Who can use : all body types can use

4. Menstrual Irregularity /  pcos / pcod: Ajwain helps in regularizing menstrual flow and flushing of impure blood from the system during period cycle.

How to use:  Soak 4 to 5 tea spoon of dry ajwain seeds in water for 4 to 5 hours. Make a paste of it after staining the water. Make sure you store the paste in glass bottle in the fridge. Take one spoon ajwain seeds paste in warm water at night everyday till the periods become regular.

Who can use : Kalaph prakruiti and Vata prakruti can use. Pitta body types should avoid if they live in temperature above 20’c.

Indicators of Ajwain seeds tips not suitable for your body: 1) you might get heat boils 2) sudden gas/ acidity/ constipation in the body. 3) headache after consumption.

Assumptions of the post: 1) advices are written for people above 18 years of age. 2) People living in climate of India above 20’c. The proportion and useage with vary as per climate of the country.








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