IBS – A Diagnosis of exclusion – clinical trend 2016

Weight and nutritional management depends widely upon digestion and in 2016 – i observed – mostly clinical cases with 3 basic categories of  IBS  1) diarrhea – predominant IBS  (IBS- D) 2) Constipation predominant IBS ( IBS- C) and 3) Mixed IBS (IBS- M)

Symptoms :-

  • Abdominal swelling – abdominal pain or discomfort atleast 3 days a week for 3 months or more
  • bloating
  • loose stools
  • severe constipation, dark stools, migraine and Gastroesophageal reflux diseases
  • sense of incomplete evacuation and diarrhea with mucus,etc.

Small intestinal bacterial growth begin to produce toxins, intestinal gases and enzymes that disrupts the digestion  and damages the small intestines. These toxins block water absorption and stimulate fluid secretion by the gut lining, leading to diarrhea.

Nutritional approach to IBS:-

Temporary Relief :

  • Avoid/ reduce  caffeine, dairy, gas producing food like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and capcicum.
  • Increase consumption of food that contains more of fibre and complex carbs.

Oral Rehydration therapy :- increased intake of water and consume food or fluid that contain electrolytes, include glucose, sodium and potassium. Herbs, nuts, seeds , dates, amla, avocados contain potassium for help.

First thing for constipation is to evaluate your water intake and also evaluate the medicines you are currently taking to see if constipations is listed as potential side effects.

High fiber food, low protein or no protein at night helps in reducing IBS and accelerate the movement of food through the digestive tract.

Avoid  everyday use of laxatives to avoid serious side effect of lazy bowel movement – where the bowel movement depends on use of laxatives.

Article written in bangalore – keeping in mind temperature and climate of India, Indian Medical trend in 2016, food- cuisines of India and medical reports. Not applicable for people in – degree or below 10 degree C temperature.


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