Aloo Bhindi

Cuisine – North Indian Recipe category – Dry Vegetable (Subzi) Skill level – Easy/Beginner Ingredients • Bhindi (Okra)- 3 cups, cut into ½ inch pieces • Potato – 1 medium (2 cups), cut long or 2 potatoes • Oil – 3 teaspoons mustard oil • Cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon •  Red Chilli  – 1 crushed • Turmeric powder – ¼ … Continue reading Aloo Bhindi

Eat lychee

When buying lychees, look for pretty pink skin (not green). To see whether or not a lychee is ripe, press the skin gently with your thumb. The lychee should give a little. If it’s too soft, it may be over-ripe. Since lychee is grown in cold regions like Uttarakhand (India), its pretty much a seasonal … Continue reading Eat lychee