A fruit for slimming

Vrikshamla or kokum is sour sweet in taste and is used for fish curries and Maharashtrian cuisine. Advantages of kokum: Kokum is a comprehensive herb that is known to control appetite and helps in digestion as a result prevents deposition of fats. That’s why it’s a herb to reduce obesity. Kokum is recommended for people … Continue reading A fruit for slimming

Soda Bottle Openerwala

Until a few years ago, it had never occurred  to me that there existed a universe that extended beyond the idli-sambar, puttu-kadala and appam-stew into Bheeda Par Eeda, Kanda Bajji, Dhansak, and Sali Boti. It was only when I started exploring food, and its many exquisite possibilities that I came across these gastronomical delights. Ever since it opened … Continue reading Soda Bottle Openerwala