Soda Bottle Openerwala

Until a few years ago, it had never occurred  to me that there existed a universe that extended beyond the idli-sambar, puttu-kadala and appam-stew into Bheeda Par Eeda, Kanda Bajji, Dhansak, and Sali Boti. It was only when I started exploring food, and its many exquisite possibilities that I came across these gastronomical delights. Ever since it opened … Continue reading Soda Bottle Openerwala

Discussion on Climate & food with GAIA Green Tea

Hey Everyone, its a lovely wednesday afternoon in Bangalore today and we were conducting a lecture/ discussion on food in different climates. Its important to keep yourself warm in monsoon but even more important is to keep diarrhea, loose motions and constipation at bay. Drink more water, buttermilk and milk instead of tea, coffee and milk shakes. … Continue reading Discussion on Climate & food with GAIA Green Tea