day 4

4th class of power yoga and i am all in pain. its way more painful then yoga. i have put myself on few quick diet revisions since jan. 1) i use broken wheat instead of rice in m food. 2) brown rice instead of white rice. if i have a lot of rice craving then. … Continue reading day 4

chicken keema

My life is a concoction of spices, and so is my soul The trick is the right ingradients in the right bowl I have been chopped marinated and at times deep fried Some times starved deprived and some times cried All in all with the right garnishing from my destiny I have evolved as a … Continue reading chicken keema

Khatta Palak Dal

I am starting with this as its my husband’s favorite. Its the simplest and quick recipe i know. Can be prepared within 15 mins. Ingredients : 1) small cup tur dal/red gram dal/mug dal. etc  ( depends on people which dal they like and what quatity to make.) 2) 1/2 – 2 cups  chopped palak. ( again … Continue reading Khatta Palak Dal

Just Yesterday

Bangalore – A city where buildings are 3 times taller then coconut trees. Where cold wind swings off the mini dresses and short hairs. Where money has no service to value. Where the localities are subtle and naive. Where shine lures all and matte remains invisible. Where finding a job is as difficult as finding a wife. I am … Continue reading Just Yesterday