Feeding the anger – top 10 indian food cravings when angry

Our tongue is the direct connection to our body and it our cravings that reflect what goes on inside us chemically and psychologically. I have learnt maintaining weight  is maintaining peace of mind. I have worked with numerous people in  helping them understand their cravings, satisfying them and watching their emotions dwell in them.

As i work with eating disorders and psychological issues that  triggers certain cravings i have discovered patterns of food craving associated with personality of a person and emotional issues.

Let’s Start with Anger

There are no accidents or coincidences – our food cravings and voracious appetite is a manifestation of exact emotion of fear lead by anger and overself analysis. Fear of loss triggers anger, frustration and emotional eating. It’s important to address the emotional issue – know it’s there – face it – know its there and important part accept and let it go is a process of self discipline and self honesty. I am not asking for self obsessed – over analysis or viewing oneself as victim of a situation. Admit to an emotion and not give in to the anger is like a real life battle fought by the body through psychoactive food such as sugar or super fried stuffs. The ignored emotions don’t go away – they magnify – they grow stronger.

Carbohydrates are a common craving when we are angry, afraid or frustrated. Cortisol hormone stimulates brain chemical called neuropeptide Y when we are afraid, tensed or angry.  Carbohydrate will be the only thing that will keep the gas – acidity at bay when we are tensed. Foods that contain higher levels of salt, sugar, fat are the most likely to alter brain chemistry and cause people to overeat. Instead of being satisfied, eating these salt, fat, sugar combos are more likely to cause you to want more.


The top 10 food craved by Indian population when angry in order of high intensity to the lowest.

  1. sweets
  2. chocolates
  3. dairy products
  4. alcohol
  5. high fat food
  6. spicy – highly seasoned food
  7. breads, pasta, maggie biscuits, etc
  8. cookies, cakes and pastries.
  9. ice creams
  10.  cold drink











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