Poorna titali Asana

Before i start talking about Poorna titali asana, i would love to show you my fav. star Jennifer Aniston doing  Butterfly Pose Here’s the basic way to place your feet. Soles of the feet are completely together, (or as much as you can manage). Ankles are not twisted. The word “Purna” refers to ‘complete’ and “Titali” … Continue reading Poorna titali Asana

Benefits of hula hoop

Benefit #1: Helps to Burn Fat Hula hooping requires effort from some of the biggest muscles in the body, significant amount of energy, so it forces the body to burn fat stores. Benefit #2: Tones Your Body Hula hooping works out several of your body’s core muscles that can be toned by hula hooping include: … Continue reading Benefits of hula hoop


By merely having a walk in the morning while viewing the sunrise or the sunset i relax the mind, which is a great way to unwind as i reflect on what is happening around me. On the other hand, i also walk in the garden/ park near me  to enjoy the fresh air whenever i … Continue reading Being