Dietetic Causes of Chronic Diseases – Part 2

  • Starchy refined flour

Whole Wheat → Broken Wheat → Whole Wheat Flour with wheat bran → Wheat flour without the Bran →  Maida (Refined wheat flour or refined flour)

Why refined flour is so bad for health?

The refined flour is treated with a bleaching agent called Benzoyl Peroxide and a Softener called Alloxan which gives the stretchy – soft characteristic to maida.

Maida haS high glycaemic index and causes a sharp insulin response – regular consumer of biscuits and breads will have symptoms of indigestion, constipation, inflammation, insulin resistance and lead to type II diabetes, heart disease, anxiety,arthritis, Alzheimer and even thyroid.

The acid – alkaline balance in the body gets affected with regular consumption of refined flour and make the body more acidic. The pH level of the body which is average 7.4 if you see yourself higer or lower – you might like to rectify your late dinner habits and regular consumption of maida.

It is easy to say don’t eat maida but foods made from maida are tasty which makes it even tougher to give up. That’s why people ask you to eat in moderation.

Once a week – maida consumption is maximum a body can tolerate. It does takes a whole week to get over the side effects of eating once a week maida.

Refined food such as flour, sugar and oil need to use nutrients from the body for its digestion – resulting in decrease of vitamins and minerals reserve in the body. The current Indian health is suffering for all kinds of vitamins and mineral deficiencies which was not seen 10 years back. Nowadays everyone is deficient of vitamins – partial blame for which can be on consumption of refined flour on daily basis.

Say no to refined processed food such as puff, pastry, cakes, maida sweets, bread, biscuits and noodles. There always a whole wheat, rice or millet alternative available for it in the market.



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